frequently asked Questions
On the website of Meteo-Julianadorp you will find a lot of information about weather, meteorology, climate and extreme weather.
Many questions can be found on this page.

Where can I find an answer to my question?
Of course, this depends on your question, but with the help of the navigation options offered by the page, it should be possible to answer your question.
Find a question. In the fixed header of the website you will find the weather data, graphics, webcans, information, guestbook and contact details.
In the left toolbar you will find current weather, extreme weather, climate and general information. In the middle management the webcam, library, where the index of the site is included, weather forecast, warnings. In the right frame is a current satellite image of the Meteosat satellite and weather data updated every minute. The homepage contains all references to the most important information about weather and climate.

What kind of weather will it be?
Meteo-Julianadorp provides general weather forecast, aviation and shipping for the Netherlands. In the context of expectation
Recorded the weather for today and tomorrow. 5 days forecast and long-term 15 days, shipping and aviation.

Where can I find satellite imagery?
In the left frame is a link to satellite photos with photos of the Netherlands, Europe and other parts of the world taken by polar weather satellites and geostationary satellites. For Europe, the images of the Meteosat satellite. Air Force Weather is used for the whole world.

Where can I find weather maps?
In the left frame is a link to weather maps. Here are weather maps that use an animation script that allows weather maps to look like a movie. The weather maps of the Benelux give an expectation of 72 hours, for Europe it is 60 to 82 hours. For the aviation, the expectation is 48 hours.

Where can I find weather data?
Meteo-Julianadorp has a weather station that records data 24 hours a day, the data is displayed on the website in the weather data section. Here you will find current data, extensive daily data and graphics on air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed. The data is updated every minute. The data is updated every minute and the data is also sent to, where all weather data of Meteo-Julianadorp is stored. You can see the graphics and weather data from the year 2007 in the upper bar.

Where can I find cloud information?
Meteo-Julianadorp has an extensive cloud atlas based on the Karlsruhe Cloud Atlas. The cloud atlas includes cloud classification, cloud encoding, cloud definitions, cloud history, cloud names, and cloud classes. Among cloud genres, all forms of clouds are described, and there are examples of the various forms of clouds among images.

Is there climate information?
There is also a section for climate information, in which the data of wind speed, temperature, precipitation and sunshine per month in diagram form are displayed.

Is information about extreme weather too?
Meteo-Julianadorp provides information on extreme such as tornadoes, tropical storms and heavy storms in the Netherlands. In the part of the tornadoes you will find information about the formation of tornadoes and a photo gallery. In tropical storms, there is information about the emergence of a tropical storm, regions with maps and satellite photos. When a tropical storm is active, it will be tracked with maps, photos and animations and will be in the right frame with the name of the storm. The heavy storms in the Netherlands are still ongoing.

I have to do a project, where can I find information?
The information can be found through the encyclopedia, which contains a glossary of weather conditions and a list of documents with detailed articles.

Does Meteo-Julianadorp also offer a meteorology course?
Meteo-Julianadorp does not teach meteorology, but offers a meteorology course from Kees Floor. The course deals in 14 chapters + complements all facets of the weather. Meteo-Julianadorp has permission from Kees Floor to offer this course through the website.

Can I use information from this website?
All information published by the Meteo-Julianadorp on the Internet is public and may be used by third parties as far as the source is mentioned. Under this condition you are free to copy information from our website or to link to certain pages of our website. You may use some images, illustrations and texts for your own use or place them on your own website with mention of Meteo-Julianadorp.

It is NOT allowed to take over the following parts of the website without permission because the authors of these parts have given Meteo-Julianadorp permission to use the Kees Floor logo, Kees Floor satellite imagery, the various articles. written by Kees Floor, the photo that was used in the Cloud Atlas and was set up with permission from the Karlsruher Wolkenatlas.

Meteo-Julianadorp, 17-11-2017