The location and information about Meteo-Julianadorp
Meteo-Julianadorp is located in the village of Julianadorp, 15 km south of Den Helder. In the photo below, the "A" indicates the location of the station. Officially, the station belongs to the category CITYSTATION, because it is located within the village. Since the weather station is located in an urban environment, the environment influences the observations. For temperature measurement, this means that there can be a difference to outdoor measurements, such as at De Kooy airport. Wind direction and wind speed meters are 9 meters high and free of large obstacles such as tall buildings or trees.
Luchtfoto Julianadorp
Location of Meteo-Julianadorp (Photo: Google)
Webcam foto
Webcam-Photo, left the lighthouse "de Groote Kaap"
On the left satellite photo, the location of the weather station is indicated by the red balloon. The right image is a picture of the webcam, which looks out over the roof looking to the southwest. The webcam is 1 meter above the ridge and has a clear view to the southwest. On the left side of the photo you can see the lighthouse "De Groote Kaap".

It was built on the "De Zanddijk" in the west of the village and was built in 1666 as protection against the North Sea. Forerunners of today's lighthouse Groote Kaap were already on this Zanddijk

Around 1800, English Admiral Knight described two tree trunks near the place where Julianadorp now lies. The cape was once conceived as a scaffolding, a structure on land with a recognizable shape, so that sailors knew on which coast they sailed. I

steel tower
Cast-iron beacons replaced the earlier wooden buildings in 1871. A solid white light fell on the towers. The dim light and high light together formed the Zanddijk light line. That was the case until 1985. In 1966, the tall cast-iron lighthouse of 1871 was replaced by a round steel tower in bright red color.
In 1985, a nearly identical tower took its place. Unfortunately, the Little Cape was demolished in 1871 in the mid-seventies of the last century.