Instruments of Meteo-Julianadorp
Meteo-Julianadorp makes sense in 2008 with a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. This station offers the possibility to extend it with additional accessories and the most important are spare parts for sale. Since May 2016, the wind gauge and wind direction indicator have been replaced by the MAX40 wind gauge and NRG200P wind gauge. These instruments comply with the WMO specifications for weather equipment.
These instruments have the disadvantage that they can not be used with the Davis Vantage Pro2 console because they can not enter the calibration code, so the anemometer will display too high values. The Davis VUE console has the ability to enter a wind speed calibration code for the correct measurements.
Davis VUE console 
MAX40 wind gauge
NRG200P wind direction
Rain and temperature gauge
sun sensor
Wind measuring transducer
PC Weatherlink
The display of the Davis VUE is powered by a mains adapter, but it is also possible to use it with batteries. A barometer,
A temperature sensor and a humidity sensor are included in the console for indoor measurement.

The display shows the current weather conditions and the maximum and minimum values of the current day, month or year with the push of a button. Of all meteorological parameters it is possible to set them in the desired unit (eg Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius) or in graphical
Display form on the screen.

The display has backlight for use in a dark environment. If required, various alarms can also be set for certain extreme high or low temperatures, high wind speeds or a specific precipitation.
VUE console display
The following parameter is displayed
  Temperature inside and outside   solar radiation  Predict the next one 48 hours
  Moisture inside and outside   Wind Chill   Time of sunrise and fall
  wind speed    dew point   evaporation 
  Wind direction   air pressure   Date and Time
  Rain   Precipitation intensity   moonshine
The ISS works on a solar panel during the day and on a 3 volt battery. The sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the
white section. The white slats work the same way as a weather hut, even when it is in full sun is an accurate one temperature measurement possible.

The precipitate is collected in the black funnel, which is mounted above the temperature sensor. Under the funnel is a
Tilt tray that folds every when it's full. There is a magnet in the middle under the tipping bin that clicks each time the tray closes and switches to the ISS. Each slope represents a rainfall of 0.2 millimeters. The rain gauge is cleaned every 6 months and calcified with a Hellman glass,
Assembly and placement of instruments
Satellite Ceiling Mount
paving mast
  Placing a weather station in a residential area is not easy. A weather station
in the garden is not an option for the following reasons, the wind speed is far too low values, because the meter is shielded from the surrounding houses. The wind direction is not turning in the right direction because the wind between the buildings comes from different directions.

The temperature meter gives much too high values,
because it is shielded by the immediate surroundings of the garden when it is placed at 1.5 m height. In order to achieve the optimum setting and minimize the impact of the environment, a satellite roof mount is mounted above the wind direction and wind speed skylight with a 2.5 m mast.
This means that the wind speed and the wind direction indicators are 2.0 m above the roof. The rain gauge and the Temperature and humidity are located on a 3.5 m high boom mast in the back of the garden. Thus, the mast is free of obstacles in the radius of about 40 m, which makes it possible to measure exactly. The deviation can be compensated in the software, if this is close to the actual values
IP netwerk camera 
The Eminent EM6230 IP Camera is used for the webcam. The camera has an HD sensor and an IR cut filter produces the camera with a resolution of 1280x780 pixels. The infrared LEDs have a range of 12 meters, they are switched off because the camera is used as a weather camera and has no function in this application. The camera can be wired and wirelessly connected to the network. The distance to the router is a maximum of 10 meters.

Specificaties: Wireless WiFi 802.11 b / g / n. Network: RJ45 10 / 100MB Ethernet port
IP mode: Dynamic IP address, static IP address. APP support: Android and Apple (iOS)
Compression format: H.264. Protocol: Support TCP / IP, HTTP, DHCP, FTP, UDP, SMTP, DNS, DDNS
Image sensor: CMOS 1 megapixel. Lens: 3.6mm. Viewing angle: 60 °. Frame rate: 1 ~ 30fps. Resolution: 1280 * 720, 640 * 360, 320 * 180
Night Vision: 36 LED lights. IR distance: 12m. IR-CUT: Yes
Image adjustment: Brightness, contrast
Power supply: 12V 1A
Environment: Outdoor IP66
Eminent EM6230
The Computer and used software
The computer has a motherboard from MSI and has an Intel Duo Core E4500 @ 2.2 GHz processor, 4 GB of internal memory, 500 GB hard drive, 1000Mbit network, all built in a Minipc enclosure with a power of 65 watts. The control system is Windows 10, which has been working since the beginning of the release and that works very stable so far.
The Mini PC
Weather Display
Weather Display Software
With Weather Display Works with weather stations from Davis Instruments, Oregon Scientific, Techno Line, Irox and Ventus, as well as many other current and older stations.
Supports all brands of different additional sensors, and it is possible to rename and modify each sensor with sensor data from other systems.

The measurement units are fully adjustable and can enter the offset value to compensate for the inaccuracies or deviations of the site. Make your own predictions and let the sun and moon rise and undergo and moon phase. Uses real-time data if your weather station is enabled or datalogger downloads from your drive after the PC has been disabled at any time.

Provides graphs and tables of weather data with the ability to export CSV files or even write to a MySQL database. Saves a log file that can always be retrieved. Can see the average, minimum and maximum values ​​per day, month and year. The monthly and annual rainfall totals are displayed in graphs or text along with rainfall per minute or hour and intensity.

With a built-in FTP server, it is possible to send data to various weather services such as Globe CWOPS, WunderGround, Weather Bug, UK with Office WOW. On the website of Wunderrground all the weather data has been brought together to bring your own website and here it is possible to see all the data. Publish your own or custom HTML, images, graphics and reports on websites and send live feed upload feeds for Weather Display Live.

Alerts can be configured to send email, SMS, paging, and phone alerts. When events have occurred. You can also send this "Tweets" account via your Twitter!

The run mode and file locations can be set by the user to automatically start, hide files stored locally or on a network, backup, etc ..

With your web cam images already published or published the camera can be integrated to your website including integration with Image Salsa. Each license is for life and allows multiple use on a single location / drive with IP Client Server between PCs to display data on multiple PCs.


The Ispy Surveillance Software is a free open source program that is suitable for storing the images of the IP camera or uploading them to a server.
It is possible to set the interval times and several cameras can be connected. The software contains the following functions:
Control PTZ-enabled IP cameras. Talk about Foscam, Axis iSpyServer and IP Webcam Android Cameras. Listen and monitor remote microphones over the network. Video and audio sources for recording movies with sound. Upload to YouTube, Dropbox and Google Drive
Access line (integrate with Domotics). Remote Commands Detect, mark, track, and record while moving. Recording of video and audio on request (and over the internet). Apply motion detection areas to your camera. FTP and SFTP frames from your camera to an external server. Capture snapshots and timelapse. Email, SMS and Twitter alerts.

Track and record when moving. Recording of video and audio on request (and over the internet). Apply motion detection areas to your camera.
FTP and SFTP frames from your camera to an external server.
Capture snapshots and timelapse. Email, SMS and Twitter alerts.

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