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Julianadorp › South-East: Meteo   The Zanddijk west of Lighthouse Groote Cape also on this Zanddijk. As early as 1800, English Admiral Knight described two kidnappers near the place where Julianadorp is now. The cape was once thought of as a scaffolding, a construction on land with a recognizable shape, with the sailors knowing which coastline to feed.

steel tower
Cast iron beans took place in 1871 in the previous wood structures.
It was a solid white light on the towers. The dim light and high light together formed the Zanddijk light line. It existed until 1985. 1966. The tall cast iron lighthouse of 1871 is replaced by a round steel tower, in a bright red color. In 1985, an almost identical tower was replaced. Unfortunately, the small cape was demolished in the middle of the seventies of the last century