Satellite image of The Netherlands in the visible light
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Wturn from west to east exactly with the earth. It seems like they are stopping, but they are just so with the rotating wave aarde.In their 24 hours running along the METEOSAT a nearly circular orbit of over 260,000 km is slain. This satellite constantly covers the continents of Europe and Africa with a small piece of West Asia and a small portion of the east coast of North and South America.

Polar satellites:

This weather satellite makes a so-called polar orbit around the earth. These satellites revolve around the earth over the north and south poles. Polar satellites are located at an altitude of 850-900 km above the earth, where they cover a different earth stripe with each turn. Because of their lower height above the ground, the photos are more detailed. These satellites make an average of 14 laps around the earth and each cycle lasts about 103 minutes.

In the visible light, the pictures look like with your own eyes. At night it is dark and you see nothing. Therefore, the satellites also take pictures in the infrared, with which one can see temperature differences. As clouds get colder the higher they are, you can also see infrared images of where clouds are. You will then know. However, cold areas on the ground are also white and sometimes difficult to distinguish from clouds.