UV index expectation for today and tomorrow
UV index forecast for today
UV index forecast for tomorrow
Sunshine expectation for tomorrow
  Solar power is a measure of the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the sunlight that reaches the earth. UV sunlight increases, though. The sun is higher and varies with the seasons and the time of day.

Heat has no influence:
On a cool, sunny day, the sun can be just as strong or stronger than on a hot day. However, the amount of UV depends on clouds.

Moisture or dust in the atmosphere and the amount of ozone. The ozone layer at high altitudes in the atmosphere protects the earth's surface from UV radiation.

The KNMI expresses the solar energy in the values 0 to 10, a UV index, which is also used in other countries. In countries near the equator and in the mountains, solar energy can reach higher levels.

In the table below, for each value, you will find a description of the solar power and the number of solar minutes that someone with skin type 2 can tolerate at mid-day.
Most Dutch have this skin type. Those who burn very quickly (skin type 1) can stay in the sun for 2/3 of the specified number of minutes unprotected, someone with skin type 3 about twice as long and skin type 4 about 3 times as long.
UV-index description No longer in the sun unprotected skin burns
 1 - 2  Nearly  100 - 50 Minuten  
 3 - 4  Weak  35 - 25 Minuten  
 5 - 6  Moderate  25 - 15 Minuten  Easy
 7 - 8  strongly  15 - 10 Minuten  Fast
 9 - 10 and hihger  very strong  Less than 10 minutes  Very fast